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Your ai project manager

Introducing Max, the heart of Anchor Ai

Max is your personal AI Project Manager, designed to revolutionize the way you handle your meetings, from documentation to task management. With Max, you're not just staying on top of your work; you're propelling it forward.

In the hustle of daily tasks, important details can slip through the cracks. Max ensures that doesn't happen by recording, transcribing, and organizing your meeting content with precision. Think of Max as your diligent note-taker, your insightful summary writer, and your proactive task manager—all rolled into one.

Seamless Transcription

Max listens and transcribes, providing you with a detailed, searchable record of every meeting.

Task Management

With the ability to track and assign tasks, Max turns conversation into action, ensuring no task is forgotten.

Meeting Summaries

Get quick, coherent summaries of your discussions, so you can catch up or review with ease.

Interactive Queries

After the meeting, Max remains your go-to for any questions about the meeting's content.

Max, the mascot of Anchor AI
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How it works

After you sign up, leveraging the power of Max as your Ai project manager is simple.

Meet Max: Your Ai Project Manager

Invite Max to your meeting (in-person or digital) with record instantly or automatic calendar integration.

Let Max make meeting minutes

Max attends, transcribes and summarizes so everyone on the team can focus and participate.

Automated Task Tracking with Max

Max generates and assigns action items with due dates to the task tracker so that what gets discussed can get done.

Interactive Project Assistance from Max

Max helps you organize and track ToDo's across projects; you can treat Max like your project's personal ChatGPT.

Bring clarity to conversations

Meeting recording and transcription

Whether digital or in-person, Max captures every word and provides accurate, speaker-differentiated records of every meeting, combined with powerful search and analysis capabilities that make finding thoughts, ideas, and actions fast and easy.

Transcription creation and audio and video playback with Anchor AI
Summary and meeting minute creation with Anchor AI
See the whole picture in seconds

Meeting summaries

Max generates concise summaries and minutes at your fingertips.

On demand line of sight

Automatic task creation and assignment

Max detects, creates, and assigns tasks automatically.

Task management with Anchor AI
Project management with Anchor AI
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Assistive project management

Max organizes your tasks, meetings, and projects for easy access and assists you along the way.

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Interactive follow-up

Query Max for any post-meeting or project details, including risk assessments, sentiment analysis, and much more. Max can even write follow-up emails.

Ask Max GPT for projects and meetings with Anchor AI.
Free Forever

Free Transcription & Organization

Max, your Ai project manager

Digital, In-Person and uploaded meetings are captured and organized for easy access

Unlimited Transcriptions

Unlimited Word for word transcription broken out by speaker to never miss a detail

Video Recording

Capture and playback video from digital meetings

Focus Mode

A clean space for manual notes while you lead the discussion and we document the data

Task Tracking

Add tasks before and after your meeting to sync up and assign all your work in one place


Organize your meetings and tasks into projects so Max can keep you updated on overarching progress

Available on the automated plan

Automated Project Management with Max, your Ai Project Manager

Max Tasks

Max will add a list of customizable action items so your team won't miss to dos

Max Tasks Assignment

Max will add assignees and due date automatically for aligned/clear communication to all team members

Quick Prep

Discussion points and meeting iteneray based on previous meeting generated by Max to make meeting prep easy

Topical Summary

Easy to read sections organized topicaly by Max to catch up when reviewing the meeting

Ask Max GPT Analysis

Ask Max anything you would ask a Project Manager to get more clarity, insight or details about your meeting.

Available on the Advanced Plan

Advanced AI Interaction & Control

Detailed Meeting Minutes

Perfect for board meetings or whenever you need more detailed chronological summarization of your meeting

Customized AI Name

Personalize your experience by customizing Max in your digital meetings to a touch of branding or whimsy

Ready to shed the busy work?

Let Max 10x your grind so you can focus on the gold.

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