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Stop me if you've heard this one before...

A job interview with promises of a steady climb up the corporate ladder. Followed closely by flashy titles and wealth beyond your wildest imagination. How do you get there?? Slow, micromanaged progress, and years worth of paying your dues. 


At AnchorAI we’re looking for something a little different:

  • We want candidates who want more than the corporate ladder. Not that we don’t believe in the joys of life and enjoying the benefits of our hard work. We just want to take a different approach to get there. 

  • We want the people who want their work to make an impact. Who have a predisposition for action and aren’t afraid to be given more responsibility than a “normal” corporate culture would say they’re ready for. 

  • We want the people who get energy from helping others, not themselves. The humble few who acknowledge and embrace the fact that our success comes not just from our own merit and intelligence, but also from the people around us. 


At AnchorAI we are led by a bigger mission. We are a small, tight-knit crew with the deeply held belief that we can level the playing field for the little guy. Potentially an even more radical thought - we believe we can do it without compromising our own values, lives, and culture in the office. 

Anchor AI