How AI Note-taking Can Help You Get More From Meetings

How AI Note-taking Can Help You Get More From Meetings

Nov 29, 2021

Note-taking can be tedious and time-consuming, but it pays off in the long run. Not only can you look back on your meeting notes or interview transcripts to find follow-up tasks and action items — you’ll also have a record of any key points that were made in case there’s any disagreement later.One way to streamline the process is by using artificial intelligence to take notes. No, Siri and Alexa aren’t ready to transcribe your meetings for you. AI note-taking requires a lot more computing power than the note-taking apps on your Android or iOS device.But AI note-taking tools like Anchor AI are built for the job and can make the note-taking process faster and easier. They use machine learning to identify who’s speaking in real-time and create a time-stamped transcript of your meeting or videoconference.Here’s everything you need to know about AI note-taking, including why you should use it, when to use it, and how to invite it to your next team meeting.

What is AI note-taking?

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AI note taking may sound high-tech, but it’s actually pretty easy to integrate it into your workflow. AI note-taking tools use speech recognition and artificial intelligence to create a written record of a conversation, so you don’t have to take notes yourself.Unlike transcription software, which may transcribe everything word for word and leave you with a hundred pages of notes to sort through, AI note-taking tools use a little more discretion so your meeting notes aren’t just accurate – they’re actionable.For example, Anchor AI can identify who’s speaking, detect key points and action items, and even get rid of um’s and ah’s so your meeting notes are easier to follow.Of course, you’ll need to set your AI note-taking software up for success by using the right video conferencing tools to create high-quality audio files. The better the audio quality, the more accurate your transcript will be.

Benefits of AI note-taking

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There are plenty of reasons to use AI note taking to improve your workflow, starting with the obvious: You won’t need anyone on your team to take notes.This frees everyone up to participate in the meeting and share their own ideas without having to slow down or repeat themselves while the note taker catches up.Not only can this make your team meetings more productive. It can help you get through the agenda more efficiently and wrap up ahead of schedule.Second, it reduces human error and ensures that you record decisions accurately. Aren’t sure whether that great idea was Jacob’s suggestion or Joanne’s? With Anchor AI, you’ll have a searchable, time-stamped transcript so you can give credit where credit is due.Plus, you’ll be able to review action items at the end of each meeting to confirm which team members are responsible for completing each task. Since Anchor AI automatically identifies action items, you can rest assured that key tasks aren’t forgotten.Finally, AI tools make it easy to meet your legal obligations by taking accurate meeting minutes. All you have to do is review the notes or transcript after your meeting is over and send it out to participants so they can approve it at the next meeting.

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When to use AI note-taking tools

Knowing when and how to use AI note-taking software is key. For example, you might decide to use AI note taking for some types of meetings and not for others.You’ll want to consider things like the number of people participating, how important it is to have a record of the meeting, and the level of privacy participants expect.AI note taking is great for annual board meetings or other meetings when you’re legally required to take meeting minutes. You can also use AI note taking for:

Once the meeting is over, you can upload the notes into Google Docs or a Dropbox folder, so everyone who attended the meeting can review it, and those who couldn’t attend can use the transcript to catch up on what they missed.Before you begin to record meetings or voice conversations, though, always let meeting participants know how your Google Meet or Zoom recordings will be stored.In some states, all parties must consent before a meeting can be recorded – which isn’t necessarily the case when taking notes by hand.Besides, it’s just good practice to consider your participants’ privacy. Maybe your team members don’t mind their work discussions being recorded but would prefer that you leave out personal conversations and icebreakers from the transcript.

How to use AI note-taking tools

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There are two main ways to use software to transcribe your meeting. The first is to invite an AI note-taking tool to your Zoom meeting to take notes in real-time. The second is to record your live meeting or Zoom conference and then transcribe it later.Either way, it’s really important that you start with high-quality audio files so your AI note-taking tool can capture every word clearly and accurately.If you’re hosting a remote meeting, remind participants to practice good virtual meeting etiquette, such as turning off their microphone when they aren’t speaking. This will cut down on unintelligible phrases or people speaking over each other.It’s also important to use AI note taking tools for the right reasons. Automated note-taking shouldn’t replace human participation – it should encourage it!Essentially, AI note-taking works best when it helps you focus on what’s being said – not when it’s used as an excuse to sit back and play Tetris in a meeting knowing you can always go back and read the summary later.If you’re taking notes to prepare for an important client meeting or professional exam, you may want to take at least some notes the old-fashioned way. Handwritten notes require your brain to process information and help you retain new ideas.By using Anchor AI to supplement your own notes, you’ll get the best of both worlds – better focus and retention as the meeting transpires and a transcript to review later.

Use Anchor AI to take meeting notes

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As artificial intelligence becomes more common in the workspace, using AI note-taking tools at your next meeting won’t just be a convenience – it will be a necessity. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money on R&D to develop your own AI software.Whether you’re a new startup or an established company, Anchor AI’s affordable pricing model makes it easy to introduce AI note-taking into your workplace.It’s especially useful for remote teams that rely on video conferencing to make important decisions. You can use it alongside other productivity tools, like Slack or a CRM, to keep everyone on your team in the loop and create a record of your virtual conversations.You can even use it during the hiring process to transcribe interviews and help you keep track of candidates. All you have to do is invite Anchor AI to your next remote interview, and our software will do the rest!Anchor AI is changing the way virtual meetings are remembered and recorded. Learn more about how it works, or sign up today to try it out!

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