How to Record a Google Meet in 5 Easy Steps
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How to Record a Google Meet in 5 Easy Steps

Oct 25, 2021

Who had that great idea for client onboarding? What project did my boss mention in yesterday’s town hall? Am I supposed to order for lunch for next week's meeting? ?? Wondering how to record a Google Meet video call? Don’t fret, it’s a simple process — just so long as someone remembers to hit start recording.During a meeting, you may think you’re retaining everything, but what happens an hour later? What about a day later? As you take in more and more information throughout your week, the events of that initial Monday morning meeting will begin to fade.Thankfully, online meeting tools like Google Meet (and it’s recording feature) mean you don’t have to rely on memory alone. Use our step-by-step guide on how to record a Google Meet, including required permission settings, troubleshooting, and FAQs.

Reasons for Recording a Google Meet

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Ever feel like you’ve just had your memory wiped moments after a meeting ends? (We know the feeling.)There are a number of reasons your team might choose to record video meetings from Google Meet. For one, keeping a record of meetings provides a resource anyone can look back on. You can share the recording with people who couldn't attend and with new employees, and you can replay it as many times as needed. The recording also serves as a reference in case any disputes, conflicts, or complaints arise about what happened during the video conferencing meeting.Reasons to record a meeting in Google Meet:

  • Some team members couldn’t attend the meeting due to sickness or a calendar conflict.
  • You want to send a recording link to all event or conference attendees for future reference.
  • Your distributed team operates out of many different time zones, so not everyone is able to attend each all-hands meeting.
  • You want to share onboarding presentations/resources with new employees.
  • Teachers may want to record presentations for absent students.
  • Participants want to engage fully in the meeting without needing to worry about taking detailed notes.
  • Recorded student lessons need to be accessed on-demand for studying purposes.
  • You want to have a record of all meetings to be able to reference anything in the future.

Step-by-Step: How to Record a Google Meet

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Ready to record your next Google Meet meeting? Follow our step-by-step instructions to get your meeting recorded, saved, and shared. Don’t worry. This isn’t an IKEA manual. It’s super straightforward — we promise!

Step 1: Enable Recording (Administrator)

In order to record at all, an administrator must first enable it. After this, any meeting organizer or someone belonging to the same organization as the organizer can begin to record Google Meet calls. Use the Google Admin console to check that your administrator has enabled recording.

Step 2: Start or Join a Meeting

In order to find the Start Recording button, you first need to either start a Google Meet or join a meeting you were invited to.

Step 3: Start Recording

Now, it’s time to find the record button. In the bottom right corner of the Google Meet window, you’ll need to click the Activities button. Next, click Recording, followed by Start Recording. A new window will appear, and you will need to click Start.All meeting participants will receive a pop-up notification that the meeting is being recorded. You should also mention that the meeting is being recorded. This is a polite best practice as well as a reminder to attendees that they can view the meeting again later.

Step 4: Stop Recording

To stop recording, click Activities, then Recording, then click Stop Recording. A new window will pop open in which you can finally click Stop Recording.You can do this at any time, or you can wait until the end of the meeting, at which point the video will stop recording automatically. Keep in mind that recording files have a limit of eight hours. If you go over eight hours, the recording will stop automatically.

Step 5: Share or Download

Once your video has been recorded, you can choose to either share the video directly or download the file. Recording files are saved in the meeting organizer’s Google Drive in a Meet Recordings folder.To share the file, select the video file you want to share and click Share. You can also click the link icon to copy a link to the recording, which you can then paste in an email or chat message.To download the file, select the video file you want and click More, symbolized with three dots, and then Download. Once the file has downloaded, you can double click it to open and play the file.If you are trying to play the recording directly from Drive, you can double-click it. A “Still processing” notification may occur if the file isn’t ready yet. If this happens, you can go through the steps to download it in order to view it right away.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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Still have questions? You’re not alone! We’ve covered a few troubleshooting issues and commonly asked questions below.

1. Who Can Record a Google Meet?

Specific people have a record option in Google Meet, and it depends on permission settings as well as your own organization. The only people who can select Start Recording are the meeting organizer as well as anyone within the same organization as the organizer.

2. Will People Know They Are Being Recorded?

Yes. The people who can’t control the recording, such as people outside of your organization, people who dial in using a phone, as well as mobile app users, will be notified when the recording starts or stops.

3. How Long Can a Recording Be?

The limit for recordings is eight hours. After that, the recording will automatically stop. For the sake of your team, we hope your meetings aren’t running longer than 8 hours. ?

4. Why Does the Recording Say “Still Processing”?

If your recording says “still processing,” it means the recording is still in the process of being prepared to view. If you don’t want to wait, select the file, click the vertical dots, and then select the Download icon. This allows you to play the file directly from your computer.

5. Where Are Recordings Saved?

Recordings are automatically saved in the meeting organizer’s Google Drive. It will be labeled My Drive, Meet Recordings folder. From here, you can share the file directly with a Share button or copy a sharable link. You can also download the file to your own computer to view, save, or share elsewhere.If changes occur to the calendar event, such as an organizer change, the link to the recording goes to the original creator of the event.

6. Can I Record a Google Meet From a Mobile Device?

Unfortunately, you cannot record a video meeting from a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android phone — only those on a computer can record a Google Meet. Although mobile app users will be notified when a recording starts or stops, they cannot control it.Recording a Google Meet is a simple process that only takes a few clicks. It’s well worth the time it takes to hit record so that your team (and anyone missing) can look back and reference anything in the future. If you have more questions, reach out to us at any time, or reference Google’s extensive user help guides.

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