Make An Action Item in Anchor AI

Make An Action Item in Anchor AI

Mar 8, 2022

We all agree that action items are an incredibly important part of all meetings. With Anchor AI you can automatically save the action items from your meetings and make sure you’re always moving forward.How?? It’s easy.Whenever you are in a meeting and want to save an action item, simply say “action item” or “action items.” That’s it! No further steps, nothing else to review - just say either action item or action items.Say you’re recapping the most important piece of your meeting and assigning next steps, all you have to do is say “The action items are…” and Anchor AI will grab your action item and add it to your meeting summary.

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We want Anchor AI and our automated action items to fit into the normal flow of YOUR meetings. We want to highlight the most important pieces for you - in a way that works for you.In your next meeting, try it out… Say action item or action items and Anchor AI will jot the note down for you.

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