6 Best Project Management Collaboration Tools for Your Team
Project Management

6 Best Project Management Collaboration Tools for Your Team

Sep 22, 2023

Project management techniques come in several different categories: scrum and agile methodologies, the waterfall method, extreme project management, and more. What they all have in common is that you’ll need to use project management tools and team collaboration software to keep your team members on the same page.

Project management collaboration tools allow you to share files, track project progress, streamline workflows, and automate key tasks along the way.

Let’s take a look at the best remote team collaboration tools and project management software, and how to compare them based on features, functionality, and pricing.

What Are Project Management Collaboration Tools?

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There are several different components of effective project management: brainstorming, project planning, budgeting, and more. Project management collaboration tools allow you to ditch physical whiteboards and spreadsheets in favor of cloud-based tools for real-time communication and collaboration.

These tools typically feature video conferencing, filing sharing, customizable to-do lists, and other project collaboration tools that are integral to real-time collaboration. You can choose from all-in-one solutions that combine multiple tools into a single platform, or pick and choose the features that your team needs.

For example, you can use Zoom for video conferencing and Anchor AI for automated note-taking and action item tracking. Anchor AI offers integrations so you can easily share data between applications while still tracking tasks in a central location.

Why You Need Project Management Collaboration Tools

If you have a small project team and a simple project roadmap, upgrading your online collaboration tools may seem unnecessary. Can’t you just keep using Google Drive to share important documents with team members and other stakeholders?

Whether you have a shared workspace or are a fully-remote team, here’s why it’s a good idea to use a more advanced collaboration platform.

1. To Maintain a Single Source of Truth

Have you ever left a meeting wondering which action items you put your hand up for, and whether or not someone else is likely to get to them before you?

Project collaboration software makes it easy to maintain a central repository of tasks, complete with assignees, due dates, and dependencies.

You won’t have to worry about unclear assignments or duplicate tasks, and you can easily link to additional resources like a project roadmap or style guide.

2. To Track Progress

Project management tools aren’t just for tracking projects in real-time. They can also serve as a record of past projects and help you identify recurring issues or trends.

Keep track of metrics such as the number of tasks assigned to each team member or the number of tasks left open at the end of a sprint. Use this data to plan ahead and avoid ending up with a project team that’s understaffed and overworked.

3. To Improve Collaboration

Project management tools foster teamwork by making it easier for team members to stay in touch — even if you have a remote or hybrid work policy.

From team meetings to group chats, you can use project management collaboration features to build camaraderie and develop company culture.

Plus, with instant notifications whenever anyone is tagged in a message, you won’t have to wait long for approvals or feedback.

6 Best Project Management Collaboration Tools

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The best project management tools for you will depend on the nature of your project and the size of your team. Here are six of our top picks.

1. Anchor AI

Anchor AI is a task manager and automated note-taking tool that’s perfect for teams that have frequent virtual meetings. Anchor AI uses artificial intelligence to generate meeting minutes, meeting summaries, transcripts, and more.

Anchor AI can also identify and capture actionable items automatically so you and your team can stay focused on the meeting. Anchor will automatically add an assignee and due date based on what was said in the meeting.

Whether you prefer Zoom or Microsoft Teams, Anchor AI can get the job done. Simply invite it to your meeting, or upload a recording to get a searchable transcript.

Anchor AI’s basic features are free, and you can upgrade for more features like Ask Anchor, our AI-powered meeting assistant.

2. Trello

Trello is a popular task management platform that uses Kanban boards to help you keep track of multiple projects. Think color-coded task cards and a drag-and-drop interface that can replace the physical whiteboard you use at scrum meetings.

Trello is available as a desktop or mobile app, and you can sort task cards by name, creation date, and due date to keep them organized. Trello also offers team meeting templates, onboarding templates, and other pre-built workflows.

Trello has a free plan for individuals and small businesses, with a limited number of boards. For $10 per month per user, you can get unlimited boards.

3. Asana

Asana is another team collaboration tool that uses Kanban boards for task management — but you can also create Gantt charts and switch to calendar view to easily keep track of your project scope, timeline, and milestones.

Although Asana doesn’t have built-in team chat or video conferencing tools, it integrates with Zoom so participants can create tasks while attending a meeting. You can also tag other team members in a message to let them know which tasks to prioritize.

Asana has a free plan for teams with fewer than 15 members, and paid plans that start at $10.99 to $24.99 per team member.

4. Slack

Slack is one of the most ubiquitous team messaging apps in the modern workplace. It features “Channels,” or topic-based message threads for teams of all sizes, as well as “Huddles,” which supports group video calls and screen sharing in real-time.

Slack doesn’t have built-in task management tools, but it integrates with other apps, such as Wrike and Asana. Choose Slack if you want to centralize all of your team’s communication channels in one place, with user-friendly collaboration features.

If you use the free plan, you’ll be limited to 10 integrations and 90 days of message history. Unlimited message history starts at $7.25 per month per user.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a team collaboration tool that focuses primarily on file sharing. There’s no video conferencing or task management here, but you’ll be able to store and back up important files, transfer large files, and even sign documents all in one place.

Use Dropbox Paper to create shared documents that your team members can edit in real time, and Dropbox Passwords to store log-in details securely.

Free users get up to 2 GB of storage, while individuals get 2 terabytes (2,000 GB) for $9.99 per month, and teams get 5 TB for $15 per month per user.

6. Wrike

Wrike is a project management tool with customizable templates for a wide range of industries, including creative and professional services.

One of its standout features is “Proofing,” which allows users to upload a document or image for feedback or approval. You can view multiple versions of a file side-by-side, track due dates, and see whether any changes are required.

Other features include Kanban boards, Gantt charts, dynamic request forms, and time tracking. You can also use cross-tagging to keep multiple teams in the loop.

Wrike’s work management tools are free for teams that are “getting started.” Pricing starts at $9.80 per user per month for “growing teams” of 2-25.

Get More Out of Meetings With Anchor AI

Project management collaboration software can support everything from file sharing to video conferencing. Some tools focus on a particular set of features, like group chat or task management, while others incorporate multiple features all in one place.

Anchor AI offers the best of both words with our AI-powered task manager. Anchor AI integrates with tools you already use — like Zoom and Microsoft Teams — while also offering powerful features of its own. From AI note-taking to action item tracking, our cloud-based software can help you get more out of meetings with less effort.

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