Note-taking like a pro

Note-taking like a pro

Jun 10, 2021

How many times have you left a meeting that felt incredibly successful, fully confident you would remember everything important, only to later realize you have no idea what was decided or what needs to be done?


By some estimates we spend up to 60% of our time in meetings of some form or another. One of the things we all learned in this past year is that we need human interactions to foster creativity and connection. And while there are plenty of conversations around how to reduce the number of meetings we have, I think we all realize that we’ll never be able to replace them completely.

Capture shared learnings

One key way we can reduce the wasted time in meetings is by making sure the shared learnings aren’t lost completely once the meeting ends. Note-taking historically has been the primary method for capturing and sharing the action items and ideas that come from a collaborative meeting. However, there are some downsides to taking notes while also participating in the meeting.

I'm listening

Inability to multi-task

One of the reasons people often don’t take notes is that multi-tasking isn’t most people’s forte. We all fall in different camps of how good we think we are at it, but research says that even the best multi-tasker isn’t giving their full attention to the tasks they are performing. So whether you try to take notes and pay attention, or just give up completely so that you can focus on the meeting, there’s no way for you to take excellent notes while also giving your best effort in the meeting.Many articles have been written about how to take notes effectively, and while those techniques could certainly improve how you take notes during meetings, we have another idea.

Let Anchor AI take notes, so you can take action

What if instead of worrying about capturing everything that is communicated, you had a trusted tool that joined every meeting, and transcribed the entire conversation, so that you never had to write a thing? What if that tool also summarized the main topics, recorded action items, and documented decisions made?

Mind blown

We believe that people are being held back by the fear of losing the exciting ideas and thoughts that are produced in the many meetings we have. That’s why we designed Anchor AI to be the peace of mind you need to fully focus on being your best self in every meeting you attend or facilitate.Just imagine with us for a minute. No more split screens to present information and capture the feedback at the same time. No more missing 5 minutes of the conversation because your BWF (best work friend) sent you a Slack, and you don’t want to be that person who asks someone to repeat themselves. No more feeling like you can’t give your ideas because you feel responsible for making sure everything is recorded. Anchor AI will take care of all of that for you!


Reality check

We by no means have illusions of replacing note-taking completely. We know that everyone is created differently, and different people process information in different ways. Some people need to write things down or they’ll never actually get in their brain. While for others, focusing on writing immediately takes over all functioning, and their ability to listen is gone.But we also know that most of the time, our own notes aren’t going to be consumable by others without significant work on our part to organize them. And with little time to actually do the work we were hired to do, spending time reworking our notes is probably one of the last things we want to do.

Leave it to the experts

So how can you take notes like a pro? Let the pros handle it for you, and invite Anchor AI to your next meeting!

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