Why Did We Make Anchor AI?

Why Did We Make Anchor AI?

Jul 19, 2022

While dreaming up the idea for what would eventually become Anchor AI, we immersed ourselves in meetings.Brainstorming meetings, planning meetings, problem-solving meetings; we exhausted ourselves in the search of the perfect idea for a product that would solve the biggest problems for the highest number of hardworking people.After weeks of mapping out ideas, SO many hours meeting in a conference room, and countless ideas wadded up into a paper ball and tossed into the trash - we had an epiphany!


What better way to help underappreciated people than to improve the very thing that haunted us daily . . . meetings!Anchor AI is founded on the belief that when you’re in a meeting you should be anchored in the moment. We want to turn meetings into a space (wherever that may be) where everyone can be fully present with each other, but also have the ability to take in the vast amount of information that we are expected to retain and act on.Gone are the days of interrupting the flow of information to jot down notes. No more forgetting what was said if you didn’t write it down. Never waste another second rehashing your last meeting, or having meetings simply to check if everything is on track.Let Anchor AI support you! We will gather, track, and categorize what was said, who said it, and here’s the kicker… we’ll turn that into accessible and actionable information for your entire crew!Don’t waste anymore time, with Anchor AI you can instantly maximize your meetings, minimize mayhem, and increase your productivity! Sign up today!

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